Clubhouse - is it worth the hype?


The FOMO was real.

I'd heard a buzz in online communities about this new invite-only app called, 'Clubhouse' and I needed to know more.

Clubhouse is an audio only social media platform, and when I say audio only, I really mean it - no newsfeed, no comments, no DMs.

Conversations (in 'Rooms') happen in real time, and you get the chance to not only eavesdrop but to actually get a chance to speak on 'Stage'. 

I've only been on for a few days, but so far I've listened to billionaires (this was actually my least favourite room), brilliant conversations about marketing from the likes of Ryan Deiss and Daniel Priestley, as well as being asked to co-host and speak with the wonderful Dom Lehane (presenter of the hairdressing industry's favourite podcast,'How To Cut It'.)

I've discussed topics around creating great Facebook communities (you can find mine here), and how our industry can get the most from an app like Clubhouse. 

The app is invite only, hence the insane amount of FOMO. Plus, you're responsible for the person you invite, so if they get into hot water, then your account could be on the line.

Not only has this fuelled the hype (since an invite may as well be Charlie's Golden Ticket), but it's meant that the early adopters are very mindful of who they invite, which has resulted in an array of the best and brilliant. which is definitely a good thing.

I don't think you'll be finding your next salon client in the app (though who knows, you can link to your Instagram in your bio so it's not impossible), but there is a LOT that can be learned here. Not just by listening in either, but by putting yourself forward to speak and gleaning advice from some of the best in the biz - for free!

What I really love about Clubhouse though, is how personal it feels. I can hear the real voices, in real time, of the people in these rooms. I don't have to get Zoom-ready (so full PJs on instead of just the bottoms), no makeup, no agonising for hours over clever writing, curated feeds and Instagram-worthy photos.

Will it die a death when we're all back working with clients?


Is it worth sticking it on while you're pottering about the house between Netflix binges?


My best tip for getting in?

Find someone who's recently got an invite and is the type of person to love it. Once you've engaged in the app for a few days, they'll usually be given a few more invites to dish out (I got three more today on my day 3).

Find them, bribe them, shower them in compliments and promise you'll give your invites to one of their pals and you might just feel like Charlie.

I'd love to know what other Clubhouse members are making of the app, let me know your thoughts and any top tips or what to avoid!

Maddi x


P.s. - Already on Clubhouse? Find me @MaddiCook


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