30 Days To Be The Boss

How to level-up your leadership without sacrificing your work friendships!

Are you a stressed-out salon owner?

Do you often think, 'it shouldn't be this complicated!' when it comes to things like recruiting, leadership and getting the most out of your team?

Do you know it's important to balance being a friend and being a boss but feel like you know how to do it?

Are you feeling left behind by all these other salons who have teams that work in harmony, who seem to have it all together - their business even runs without them so they can enjoy living their life, rather than constantly chasing their tail?

Does this sound like you, Boss?

You're not alone! So many Bosses tell me they constantly feel overwhelmed, overloaded and just plain over it!

You have a major problem - you're busy making everyone look and feel amazing, how on earth do you have time to balance being a great Boss and getting the most out of your team at the same time?

You're feeling left behind.

You think there's some secret sauce that they must all know about and you don't.

They must have a background in leadership, or have read every book on the subject.

Nope... they just have a system.

And guess what... you can have one too!

Boss, remember this... YOU AREN'T ALONE


Enter, Maddi, Ben and Mike...


I'm in!

What Exactly Will We Cover on the Course?

    • How to be a good Boss AND a good friend
    • Understanding different styles of leadership and how they fit in
    • How to conduct a great interview
    • How to have difficult conversations
    • Creating a culture 
    • Sharing your business vision with your team
    • How to follow disciplinary procedures
    • How to be a great coach
    • Motivating your team
    • How to manage bad behaviour
    • How to deliver a difficult message
    • Levelling up your team
    • Knowing what to delegate, and how to do it
    • How to give feedback, both positive and negative
    • Plus loads more!

So what exactly is, '30 Days to Be The Boss'?

 This course will run for 30 days from the day you enrol, so it's ready when you are!

Every Boss on the course can move through it at their own pace. And don't worry if you miss a few days, they'll be there whenever you're ready.

Cos let's face it, how many of you have eagerly bought courses then either a) you watched it all in a day but didn't spend any time *actually* implementing it, or b) you watched a bit, made a cuppa, watched an episode of Homes Under The Hammer and then never went back to it... you and me both, Boss!

Each day will focus on just one or two easy, actionable steps which you can usually get done that same day. Meaning that by day 30, you've made a tonne of positive changes to your business, without feeling overwhelmed or overworked!

You'll also get lifetime access, so if you want to go through the course again - that's absolutely fine! Or even have a look back over a few days in particular if you want a refresh.


Sign me up, Boss!

So How Much Does This Wizardry Cost?

30 Days To Be The Boss costs £199 + VAT, for lifetime access! 


Frequently Asked Questions

Got a burning question? I may have just answered it here for you...

Why is it a 30 day course?

I've done a tonne of online courses. I find that if you're given all the info in one go, you either devour it all and don't implement a thing, or you do a bit and then it sits on your to-do list for eternity. 

A 30 day course is perfect as it doesn't overload you, gives you time to implement changes and reflect on what you've learned.

Do I still get access after the 30 days?

Absolutely! We'll show you everything you need to know in the 30 days, but it's a great idea to re-visit the lessons every so often, to help you to 'spring clean' your leadership.

Where do I find the lessons?

When you enrol, you'll be given access to a membership site called '30 Days To Be The Boss'. This is where you need to go to find them when we start on the 7th June.

We'll also send you an email every day to remind you that a lesson has been uploaded!

What if I miss a few days of the course?

No worries, Boss!

You'll still have access to all the lessons so far, so just catch up in your own time. 

You can take this course in any way that suits your timetable, the courses will all be ready for you, whenever you're ready. 

Got any other questions?

I'm happy to answer them, just drop me an email at maddi@bossyoursalon.com

Okay, let's do this!