30 Days To Boss Your Online Marketing!

I'll show you how to level up your online marketing - without needing to hire a social media manager...

Are you a stressed-out hair or beauty biz owner?

Do you often think, 'it shouldn't be this complicated!' when it comes to things like social media, booking systems and all things online?

Do you know it's important to have a whizzy online presence but feel like you don't have the 'techy' skills? Or simply don't have time?

Are you feeling left behind by all these other salons who have gorgeous, branded social media, who seem to have it all together - their business runs without them so they can enjoy living their life, rather than constantly chasing their tail?

Does this sound like you, Boss?

This is exactly how I used to feel too! Overwhelmed, overloaded and just plain over it!

So I put my Boss hat on, did a tonne of research and testing until I'd built a successful online 'eco system' which worked for me and brought me clients in while I slept.

You have a major problem - you're busy making everyone look and feel amazing, how on earth do you have time to work all of this stuff out?

You're feeling left behind.

You think there's some secret sauce that they must all know about and you don't.

They must have a team of helpers, like little Boss elves working around the clock.

Nope... they just have a system.

And guess what... you can have one too!

Boss, remember this... YOU AREN'T ALONE


Enter, Maddi... a Boss from planet organised!👇🏼

Here's what some of my other 30 Day Bosses have to say about this course...

"Loving the course Maddi, it's filling a lot of gaps I've had & some I didn't know of 🤭"

"Thanks for this Maddi, lots of training tips for staff as we struggle for content at times. Lots of ideas for me and my staff <3"

"Maddi's course is brilliant! Well worth giving it a go! She's taught me loads ❤️❤️"

"It's good that each day is short which gets digested more!"

"Seeing a difference already just making small changes 🤗"

"Your 30 days has helped me so much thank you 🙏🏽"

"Loving it! What I've learnt from your course has given me the most views and engagement on Facebook that I've ever seen!"

"These are my insights...The top one is my post from yesterday where I used Maddi's method for structuring a post on social media. This is one of the most viewed posts I have done in the last month... We had a bundle of clients commenting, all Rockstars too 🌟"

What Exactly Will We Cover on the Course?

  • What is your online presence and why is it so important when it comes to marketing?
  • Who are your Rockstar Clients and how do you reach them?
  • Building a Rockstar Client profile
  • How to 'speak' directly to your Rockstars
  • Audit your online shop front
  • Hack your Instagram bio
  • Actionable changes you can make RIGHT NOW!
  • Live Facebook group Q&As
  • Why you need a list and how to build it
  • Boss your blog (or how to start one if you haven't already!)
  • Why you need to using chat bots in your business
  • Make it easy for your clients!
  • Craft your brand message
  • Supercharge your social media
  • Make your website work for you
  • Use free software to build your brand
  • How to utilise instagram to grow your business
  • How to get free content without creating it yourself
  • Online booking - the good, the bad and the ugly
  • Extra! Extra! Learn all about newsletters
  • The important stuff that covers your bum
  • ... and tonnes more!

So what exactly is, '30 Days to Boss Your Online Marketing'?

Day 1 will be available as soon as you enrol... Instead of me bombarding you with a tonne of info on day one, you'll get access to one mini video course, every single day.

You'll have access to a private Facebook group where you can ask me and the other Bosses for tips and ideas!

Cos let's face it, how many of you have eagerly bought courses then either a) you watched it all in a day but didn't spend any time *actually* implementing it, or b) you watched a bit, made a cuppa, watched an episode of Homes Under The Hammer and then never went back to it... you and me both, Boss!

Each day will focus on just one or two easy, actionable steps which you can usually get done that same day. Meaning that by day 30, you've made a tonne of positive changes to your business, without feeling overwhelmed or overworked!

Don't panic if you miss a couple of days either, you'll be able to log in and catch yourself up at a time that works for you. You could even do them all on day 30!

You'll also get lifetime access, so if you want to revisit one or two modules later on, or even do the whole course again, feel free to pop back whenever you'd like...

But hey... why should you listen to me?

Good question!

I'm Maddi, I've been in business for almost 10 years, owning a salon for 5 of those and coaching for the last two.

If you're in my Facebook group already, you'll know that I'm obsessed with systems. Not because I'm some techy uber-geek, but it's because I quickly realised that systems are what separate the 'got it all together' salon owners from the ones who are winging it and praying that their business still exists in 12 months.

When it comes to salon businesses, I've been there, done that, got the t-shirt and used it to mop up my tears when I was crying in a heap on the floor - when everything just felt like waaaaay too much to tackle on my own.

I never want to go back to that Maddi, and I don't want to see anyone else there too... which is why I love to create systems which give me back my love for being a Boss, as well as time to step away from my business, knowing that it won't be an absolute wreck by the time I come back!

I'm not a guru, I'm not here to shame you for not knowing the 'secret', I just want to share with you, what I know works for me.

This is not just a course about online marketing - I will show you exactly how I built my own, online eco-system which markets and makes money, while I spend my time making my clients look and feel awesome!

Are you ready for a change, Boss?


So How Much Does This Wizardry Cost?

30 Days to Boss Your Online Marketing costs £199, for lifetime access!

So how does it work? 

 The course starts as soon as you enrol, and runs for 30 days (don't panic though! You'll get lifetime access so you can - and should! - go back to it whenever you want to)

I'll also drop you an email with a link to our private Facebook group...

I can't wait to see you there!

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a burning question? I may have just answered it here for you...

Why is it a 30 day course?

I've done a tonne of online courses. I find that if you're given all the info in one go, you either devour it all and don't implement a thing, or you do a bit and then it sits on your to-do list for eternity. 

A 30 day course is perfect as it doesn't overload you, gives you time to implement changes and also you get a tonne of accountability from the Facebook group.

Do I still get access after the 30 days?

Absolutely! I'll show you everything you need to know in the 30 days, but it's a great idea to re-visit the lessons every so often, to help you to 'spring clean' your online marketing as your business grows and evolves.

Do I need to be techy?

Not in the slightest!

Everything in the course is easy to do, I'll offer some little extras for people who are feeling confident - but there's nothing in there which you won't be able to manage yourself.

Where do I find the lessons?

When you enrol, I'll send you an email with your login ID, password and a link to the course. 

I'll also send you an email every day to remind you that a lesson has been uploaded!

What if I miss a few days of the course?

No worries, Boss!

You'll still have access to all the lessons so far, so just catch up in your own time. 

You can take this course in any way that suits your timetable, but you might want to try and stick with it as best you can, so you can move at the same pace as your fellow Bosses in the Facebook group for this course.

Got any other questions?

I'm happy to answer them, just drop me an email at maddi@bossyoursalon.com