6 Signs You Need Boundaries...

You find it hard to say no

You're working every Saturday, and more late nights than you'd like

You lose money to no-shows and cancellations

You look at your revenue for the week ahead, but it never feels like it's guaranteed

You have clients who make you feel anxious

You see their name on your phone and it kicks in, you wish you could lose them but aren't sure how

There's no separation between work and home

You reply to client messages on your day off, friends and family have mentioned you're never off your phone

You don't have policies which protect your time

Or you have them, but you don't feel confident enforcing them, out of worry you'll put clients off or upset your regulars

You're feeling resentful

You didn't start a business to be stuck working 24/7, it's not what you first dreamed of but you don't know how to break the cycle

Boss Your Boundaries Curriculum

Here are just some of the topics we'll cover together in this course.

The aim is for you to walk away with a watertight booking process which protects your time and energy, and have confidence asserting your new boundaries.

You'll also get access to Q&A sessions where we'll recap and cover real world examples of boundaries in action.


What's Included?

Enrol on Boss Your Boundaries for just £39 and you'll get lifetime access to:

  • 8 Online course modules designed to take you from burnout to boundary-setting Boss
  • Additional worksheets to help you get the most out of your course
  • A full, 11-step booking process which you can implement straight away
  • 7 recorded Q&A sessions, covering specific examples of boundaries in action
  • Learn how to break up with problem clients!
  • How one Boss made £3,500 in three months, for appointments she didn't even carry out
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