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My name is Maddi Cook and I'm part of a tribe of Bosses who are smashing the hair and beauty industry.

We don't listen to the people who said we couldn't do it. We know that success takes hard graft and that's what sets us apart.

We don't settle for average, fine or just okay. We build our own empires and know the importance of working smart.

We are constantly told we are 'only'... 'only a hairdresser', 'only a beauty therapist', 'only a nail tech'. This comes from those in the safety of a 9-5... these aren't the risk-takers, the jugglers, the visionaries, the grafters.

But they don't get to experience the overwhelming feeling of pride that only comes from starting with nothing and growing it into an empire, YOUR empire.

We are BOSSES, maybe it's time to join us?

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