Welcome to Coffee Isn't Lunch, the weekly podcast for ambitious hair and beauty professionals alike by your hosts Hayley Jepson and Maddi Cook.

Hayley, aka The Resilient Hairdresser, is a former hairdresser and psychotherapist and now coach and educator. She is leading the industry out of burnout and into better mental health. And Maddi, aka Boss Your Salon - if you've ever asked anyone online about pricing, her name's probably come up. She's here to pull back the curtain on business strategy and help you get paid. And together, we're obsessed with ridding the industry of old school harmful hustle culture while cutting through the toxic positivity B.S. 

Every Monday, we release a brand new episode bringing you industry hot takes actionable tips and plenty of real talk. So whether you're new to the industry or this isn't your first rodeo, we're here to help you build the business you deserve without burning out along the way.


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