From burnt out to boundary-setting Boss in 3 simple steps!

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Working with bad-fit clients? Losing money to no-shows? Can't say no to clients? Boss, you need boundaries!

I'll take you from burnt out to boundary-setting Boss in three simple steps.

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Join me for 30 days, where you'll get access to a daily course every day! I'll show you how to use your online presence and social media to magnetise your Rockstar clients and make bookings in your sleep!

How to price perfectly, personally and profitably!

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Join Ben & Mike from Beami People Development as they show you how to Hire Like a Boss! 

They'll show you how to write a job ad that attracts the best people, their best interview tips (with video examples), give you interview questions to use and tonnes more. Perfect for anyone looking to employ their dream team!

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Business feeling quiet? Grab this e-book with 101 marketing tips to get more bums on seats.