Who am I?

Most hair and beauty business owners are awesome at their crafts. 

They can balayage with the best of 'em, craft creative claws and brow like a badass.

But there's something missing...

They feel like they're winging it.

I created Boss Your Salon, to show YOU that you have it in you to start building the salon business of your dreams.
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I’m far from a guru! I’m Maddi Cook - and, not to sound like that lass - but I’m just like you.

If I can run a successful salon & training academy that brings me the freedom to live the life I’ve always wanted, honestly, anyone can 🖤.

So, here’s what you need to know:

To get to where I am today, I have NEVER had to…

  • Get a degree
  • Get up at 5am every day and hustle my arse off
  • Spend thousands on FB ads
  • Look at “her down the road’s” price list to create my own
  • Be someone I’m not
  • Invest serious £ to implement time-saving systems that make life easier
  • Step on anyone else’s toes to succeed
  • Seriously neglect my family, cat, social life or free time for work.

I HAVE had to…

  • Invest in training and courses for myself (which has often meant making financial risks!)
  • Find like-minded Bosses, in online & off-line communities
  • Educate myself on business, marketing & mindset
  • Put the time & effort into building the perfect system in order to create a happy work/life balance
  • Figure out exactly WHO I’m serving
  • Be unapologetically me!
  • Find ways NOT to procrastinate
  • Build other Bosses up while I climb - we grow together

I have 10000% faith you can do the same. And I’ll show you how.

With the right support, mindset and systems in place, your possibilities are endless ✨

Maddi x

  • Boss Your Salon

    “Got my numbers and business head on now. Got so many plans and changes, can't wait to get all my plans into action!”

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    Owner, Total FX

  • Boss Your Salon

    “It's BOSS! I've learned so much!”

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    Owner, Deena Hair Extension Specialist

  • Boss Your Salon

    “I would highly recommend Maddi to anyone who needs a bit of guidance within their business, you won't regret it!”

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    Owner - The Beautique Corner

  • Boss Your Salon

    “Me and my business partner have ran our business for 4 years and if we'd known all Maddi taught us from day one, we'd probably be millionaires!”

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    Co-Founder - The Junkyard Creative Hairdressing and Photography Studio