Is your business boring? (And why that's not a bad thing)


I talked about this on an IG live the other week, and I've been pondering on it even more since.

Do you ever feel like your business is boring? And if so, what do you tend to do next?

I've learned that one of my 'toxic traits' is that when things become a bit too easy, I have a tendency to go and faff about, break stuff, or go and make unnecessary changes to things that work perfectly well. 

But the truth is, a business that does what it's supposed to, will often feel boring (especially for my fellow ADHD bosses who bloody love novelty).

So now, when I sense that feeling creeping up, I try to take an objective step back and look at how everything is working and I ask myself: 

- 'Does this actually need changing, or am I just craving something new?'

- 'How can I channel this feeling into something positive, productive and effective?'

And sometimes, that looks like picking up a new hobby (or hyper-focus, let's face it!). Other times, instead of completely changing or scrapping something that's working, I'll see how I can improve it or make it work even better. 

It's about making continuous improvements, not turning the whole thing upside down.

So if this resonates and you're feeling that boredom creep in... Firstly, well done! You've created a business that's doing its job, and secondly, be really intentional with where you channel that energy.

I'd love to hear what you do!

Maddi x


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