Success Story #1

Feel like you're 'winging it' when it comes to your pricing?

Wish you could have help with it all, but you're worried about spending when money feels a little tight?

Then I'd love to share Charlotte's story, one of my 6k+ pricing calculator users...

Charlotte needed to understand why she was charging what she was charging. She was tired of just ‘winging’ her prices or charging what the salon down the road was charging. She felt like she needed to take control and learn about her business.

She wanted to forecast her income and wages by understanding her outgoings first and why she needed to charge X amount per service.

Charlotte felt like she lacked the knowledge and education of how to run a hair business. She hadn't found much useful information before or the information she did find, she found SO boring and got distracted.

But she found the lessons inside the calculator fun and easily digestible. Along with now charging the right prices, she's more aware of wastage and overuse of products. As the calculator also taught her the importance of understanding how much each glove costs or each strip of foil, the little things she would normally over look, but was costing her money in the long run.

She is grateful for finding the money to invest in the calculator, as she now knows how to "bring more money in and actually make a profit".

After Charlotte implemented her new pricing and learnings, she was able to open her own salon! So her investment into the calculator has paid off massively.

She's not even sure her business would still be open if she hadn't signed up for the calculator.

Her income has dramatically changed: its DOUBLED! Also, her attitude to raising prices is completely different to what it used to be, she used to feel greedy, but now she understands that it’s a necessity to running a business.

She has more time off work and "no longer praises the burnt out work ethic I used to have". Instead, she values her time off. She's moved out, opened a salon and had a baby with dramatically reduced hours, all while doing better than she did before financially.

Above all: "I’m so proud of myself".

If you're ready to build a business you can be proud of, pricing is a crucial first step...

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