Success Story #2

Think you need to creep your prices up slowly, so you don't scare clients off?

Check out Sarah's story, and see how she DOUBLED her prices, and was able to tick off a HUGE goal from her vision board...

Sarah signed up for the calculator to gain control over her business, as she didn’t know how to price her services to ensure she was running a profitable business. Plus, she needed help with boundaries and understanding how to connect with clients.

Before using my pricing calculator she was at a loss with how else to improve her business and make more money. She was just following ‘the girl down the roads’ pricing.

Since doing the calculator, Sarah's profits have more than DOUBLED, even though she stopped working weekends and stopped doing friends and family discounts.

Sarah feels in control of her business, instead of being dictated by clients. She is now paid for her ‘admin’ time and feels like her business is "actually worth it".

The calculator was a "complete game changer" for Sarah and feels it’s an absolute must for any hair and beauty business!

She went from being fully mobile to now working from home in her purpose built summer house. Plus, she got a mortgage!!!

So if you're ready to take back control of your business, and your future, join over 6,000 other Bosses who are using my pricing calculator, 'Boss Your Profits'. Tap HERE to join us.


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