Success Story #3

Do you worry that a price increase means you'll lose clients and enquiries will dry up?

Then I'd love to tell you about one particular Boss, who used to feel the same, but has totally turned her business and life around...

This Boss signed up for the calculator as she wanted to understand her worth and how to implement it in her business with her prices.

Before signing she was worried she wouldn’t believe what was being taught, and didn't think she could "justify a price rise and that I wouldn’t still be too scared to go through with it". She felt quite overwhelmed by it all.

However, since signing up, it's changed everything in her business (and life)!!!

She now has the confidence to price properly and changes her prices whenever she feels she needs to. Doing a price increase "has never affected my business and remain fully booked each time" and "still always get new client enquiries".

Now she earns a decent wage, meaning she can pay towards her joint household bills, plus... SAVE MONEY, which she's never been able to do before.

Since changing her prices she's got out of debt, helped towards major home improvements and is "currently on target for her dream Disney holiday next year".

She feels "INCREDIBLE!!!!! I’m so proud of myself".

She told me how "the calculator has been a total game changer and was totally worth the investment and work".

If you're ready to put in the work and see some real results, grow your savings and become financially secure, grab my game-changing pricing calculator, 'Boss Your Profits', HERE.


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