Success Story #5

Feel like you've gotta cut your teeth in the industry before you earn the right to make good money?

Then think again!

Meet Rachel, one of my pricing calculator users who decided she didn't wanna wait around to make a success of her business...

Rachel had been working at a salon for 10 years, but wanted to go self employed so she signed up to the calculator to make sure her prices were accurate before she took the leap. She wanted to know "I’d be making a profit from the start". So she wasn't worried about setting up a business and not being profitable.

She used to think she should set her prices based on salons in her area, because she'd never been taught before how to work out her outgoings, profits etc. But, by having her prices right at the beginning of starting her business "made a huge difference"!

Eight months into her business and she did "my first price increase based on outgoings rising and also my income goal increasing because I deserve more".

Rachel states that the calculator was "the best money I’ve ever spent", as now she's making more money than she's ever done and she's been self employed for less than a year! She has also since enrolled onto Breakthrough, my signature program for Bosses who are ready to drop a day behind the chair, without sacrificing any profit.

If you're ready to make your business work for you, grab your spot on my pricing calculator course, 'Boss Your Profits', HERE!


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