by Maddi Cook & Hayley Jepson

Welcome to Coffee Isn't Lunch, the weekly podcast for ambitious hair and beauty professionals alike by your hosts Hayley Jepson and Maddi Cook. Hayley, aka The Resilient Hairdresser, is a former hairdresser and psychotherapist and now coach and educator. She is leading the industry out of burnout and into better mental health. And Maddi, aka Boss Your Salon - if you've ever asked anyone online about pricing, her name's probably come up. She's here to pull back the curtain on business strategy and help you get paid. And together, we're obsessed with ridding the industry of old school harmful hustle culture while cutting through the toxic positivity B.S.

Every Monday, we release a brand new episode bringing you industry hot takes actionable tips and plenty of real talk. So whether you're new to the industry or this isn't your first rodeo, we're here to help you build the business you deserve without burning out along the way.



Are Generational Differences Impacting Your Business?

How do generational differences shape the hairdressing industry?

Visibility & Getting Over The Cringe

Ever cringed at your online presence?

Can You Really Be Friends With Your Clients?

Have you ever wondered where the line is drawn between professional ties and being friends, especially when your clients start feeling like your closest friends?

Should You Offer OAP, Student And Blue Light Discounts

Have you thought about how offering discounts affects what you make each month?

How is Technology Shaping the Future of Hairdressing and Education

What impact is technology having on the hairdressing industry?

If We Could Turn Back Time

What would we do if we could rewind to the start of our hairdressing journeys?

Multi Level Marketing: Opportunity of a Lifetime, or Scam of The Century?

We've both noticed an uptick in MLM activity on social media, and so we felt it was high time to dive deep into this phenomenon.

Salon Smart: Loneliness

Inspired by a talk by Monica Teodoro from L'Oréal, we're sharing our thoughts on ways to make the salon a buzzing hub of genuine connection.

Million Dollar Deals, Making it Work as a Parent, and channelling Beyoncé... In Conversation with Jose Bryce Smith, Founder of O&M

Are you ready to dive into the world of clean beauty and discover how one woman is challenging the status quo in the male-dominated hair industry?

Celebrating Milestones and Enjoying The Process

Ever feel like you're always onto the next goal without enjoying the ride?

The Reality of Online Education and Coaching

Are you intrigued by the hype surrounding online coaching in the hair and beauty space?

The Truth About Trolls with special guest Heather Mackenzie (AKA Glam By Heather)

Ever had that nagging worry about running into trolls online?

Dealing With Tricky Conversations

How do salon professionals navigate difficult discussions on politics, religion, money and personal beliefs with clients?

The Recruitment Crisis w/ answers from Alex Smith

Do you find yourself wondering what type of leadership style you have when it comes to running a thriving salon?

Grieving Behind The Chair

Get ready for a heartfelt chat as we dive into the world of hairdressing and how stylists handle grief while keeping up their professional game

When is it Authenticity, and When is it Oversharing?

Ever wondered where authenticity ends and oversharing begins in the world of social media marketing?

The Great Divide: Salon Owners vs Freelancers

Ever noticed that there's a bit of a divide happening in the hair and beauty industry?

Two Things Can Be True at The Same Time

Curious about the idea that two seemingly opposite truths can actually go hand in hand?

To Hire or Not to Hire?

Have you ever felt like you're at a crossroads in your salon business, teetering on the edge of expansion but haunted by the fear of letting go?

Boundaries When You're Working With Friends

Is one of your friends your boss? Or maybe you're theirs?

Dealing With Difficult Clients

Do you find yourself navigating tricky waters with difficult clients?

Conor James Doyle talks ADHD, dopamine, and changing the face of education

Our first guest interview episode!

Beating Burnout in 2024

Ready to tackle burnout head-on in 2024?

Doing Your Future Self A Solid

Are you thinking ahead and wondering if you've truly done yourself a favour for the future?

Showing Love, Shifting Intentions And Festive Food

Do you find yourself often having negative thoughts about your home, work, or relationships?

Business Partnerships… How To Stop Them Turning Ugly

Have you ever wondered what really goes down in the wild world of business partnerships?

Dealing with Friends and Family as Clients

Do you ever find it tricky to navigate the fine line of charging your friends and family when they become clients?

Deposits, Booking Fees And Policies Without Punishment

Ever wondered about the whole "deposit or no deposit" dilemma in our industry?

Oprah, The Tories, And Staying Poor On Purpose

Have your personal experiences with money and politics shaped your values and outlook?

Are You Making Secret Deals in Your Business?

We've all encountered those situations where we do favours, hoping for something in return without actually saying it out loud.

Our Self-Care Routines

Are your current self-care practices truly making a significant impact on your well-being?

How To Handle Copycats?

Whether it's in the business world or your personal life, copycats are just a part of the game.

The Industry’s Glass Ceiling: Examining Gender Disparity

Are you like Maddi and wonder why in an industry full of women, it's always men winning the awards and being household names?

How Woo Are We?

Some folks are really into 'woo-woo' things and others completely avoid it, in this episode we talk about what sort of woo things we are into and why we aren't a fan of others.

Mo Money, Mo Problems?

Ever wondered why you might hold yourself back from earning more?

You’re Not An Unpaid Therapist

Ever find yourself in a situation where your clients offload their emotional baggage on you, leaving you feeling drained?

Is It ADHD? Our Personal Diagnostic Journeys

Ever wondered what it's really like to deal with ADHD in everyday life?

Should I Close My Books If I’m Fully Booked?

Have you been thinking about closing your books for new clients?